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Poetic Philosopher,
Author, Spiritual Director, Theologian, PhD Candidate

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Martin Samson was born in Southern Africa and grew up through the melting pot of transition that led to the end of Apartheid. Many life experiences including working in the Apartheid-driven ghettos, living in a monastery, and volunteering in an organization for socially and mentally disabled people, formed his path towards metaphysics and spiritual understanding. His life has been a quest for knowing how the world works, how the spiritual and physical work in union with each other, and providing opportunities for people to share in his knowledge and guidance.

In 1987 he went to Europe and studied at the seminary of The Christian Community, a mystic Christian impulse, which gave him a thorough introduction to many metaphysical bodies of knowledge.


He met his former wife in Europe and together they raised four children who live and work in Australia as young adults. Martin was a priest of The Christian Community for 25 years and has worked in Australia since 1992. He received a Masters in Theological Studies and has spent many years studying cross-cultural religion, philosophy, mythology, and cosmology. He has lectured extensively on many subjects including a global spiritual approach to the festivals in the southern hemisphere. His book on the festivals was published in 2016. He leads excursions into the Australian outback to explore connections with Aboriginal Australia and the southern stars.

Martin has moved from the church into being an independent teacher, author, group facilitator, and ongoing student of world philosophy and culture. His cross-tradition studies, which he has continued for the last twenty years, hold him in good stead to bring well-researched and open-minded insights into the questions of life. He has the reputation of being able to present well thought through and accessible ideas.

Martin travels around Australia and other countries of the world presenting on cross-traditional culture and philosophy. He also facilitates groups that are interested in organizational learning and developing the fabric of the workplace into a vibrant organism.

Martin loves adult learning and tries to find ways to help people and interested groups remedy one of his key realizations: we have forgotten what we have forgotten.

He lives in Sydney and is enrolled in his Ph.D. on creating a language and grammar between the Christological ideas of Rudolf Steiner’s anthroposophy, traditional systematic Christological doctrine and excluded Gnostic traditions. He will also bridge the spiritual-scientific methods of anthroposophy and mainstream theological systems of knowledge.

You can engage with Martin's unique person-centred method of spiritual direction and guidance to 'Let Your Spirit Speak' or become a monthly 'Patr(e)on' to access several levels of ongoing participation in this work.


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Gospel of John Studies
Ongoing from March 2023
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The esoteric study of the Gospel of John as an initiation text will help the participants write their own spiritual experience as a map of destiny.

Questions and Answers
Ongoing from March 2023
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This group has arisen from my Holy Nights contemplations and offers participants a forum to discuss living a spiritual life in the 21st century.

Spiritual Development Short Courses
Ongoing from March 2023
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Home study and self reflection on accessing you destiny.
Current course is The Spirituality of Forgiveness

Rites of Passage

Each change and transition in life can be made more meaningful and brought into alignment with the spirit destiny we bring with us into life. Rites of passage align the spiritual and the every-day expressions of life. They help us harness our spirits. They 'let our spirits speak!"
Whether it be endings or beginnings: divorce, new work or relationship, preparing fo
r death or starting a new life, transitioning or growing into an adult or elder, a unique rite is developed to let your spirit speak.
Please email me for a conversation to arrange whichever of these services you feel you would like to engage in






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